Game Grotto has worked with many talented voice actors, testers, programmers, artists, streamers, and vtubers over its time streaming and producing video games.

Interns and game development companions may come and go, but we value the time we have spent together and appreciate all the work they have done on our indie game titles and collaborative live streams.

We hope you stick around and watch the credits in our indie games or videos to see all of the talented individuals that have contributed to Game Grotto's work!

Game Grotto Softworks is an American owned independent video game development and publishing company based in Washington state. Founded by Donovan Gates in 2015, Game Grotto released their first title in March of 2020.

Inspired by the great fundamentals of classic video games, our small indie team reaches for a high level of quality in the game design, story telling, and development. We focus on unique games that can be enjoyed by players young and old, while telling stories that teach good
life-lessons and inspire imagination.

Creating opportunities for individuals in the video game industry is a passion of the Game Grotto team.

If you have a game that you would like the Game Grotto team to work on, work on with you, or if you are looking for an internship for school or personal education, please contact us! We will evaluate your submission and see what we can do to help with the project, or if we have a place for you on the Game Grotto team.

Latest Updates from the Game Grotto
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B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends is a sci-fi top-down shooter rouge-lite with multiple games modes. Play alone or with friends in 4-player co-op choosing from 4 unique robot characters with different attributes and attacks. Defend your home, rescue the Robofriends, and find MOTHER!

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Stream Runners: Heroes is a retro style idle game for live streamers to play with their viewers on Twitch. Players can add Runners to the game to fight enemies, earn points, and defeat bosses. There are many ways to use this game with your community, it's all up to you and your chat!

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Azyugo is a free to play fantasy collectible card game RPG inspired by Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and other classic card games.

Lead Developer: Donovan Gates

released Indie Game Titles

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Blue Space is a sci-fi open world space shooter with an emphasis on exploration, customizing ships, and completing quests. Explore ruins that float in space around a blue sun. Discover ancient mysterious or overthrow factions. the choice is yours.

Lead developer Dakota Wombach.

Donovan Gates (Don the Robot)

Founder of Game Grotto Softworks, Donovan is the lead programmer and game designer of the indie game development team. He is a graduate in Computer Science and uses experience from his professional programming background to create expertly crafted systems. Donovan strives to create unique games with original concepts, he is a video game collector and historian who loves sharing his passion for video games with others.

Meagan Gates (Meg the Slime)

Self-taught 2D and 3D artist and animator. While in college, Meagan was unsuccessful getting the internship required to graduate, so she decided to drop out and start Game Grotto with Donovan. Her goal is to make opportunities in game development for people of all skills levels, providing the opportunity she didn't have. Meagan loves creating beautiful and interesting games, creating individual experiences for those who play her video game titles.

Dakota Wombach

Independent 3D artist and JR programmer. Dakota likes long walks in the park, contemplating the clouds and how to get the perfect noise algorithm to make them. A  fellow classmate of Meagan's, Dakota also dropped out because of internship problems and instead he decided to join his fellow artist in game development. Dakota loves all things science fiction, and could talk about spaceships and space for hours.

Elizabeth Casey

Artist and graduate in Digital Communication Arts with an additional certification through Full Sail University. Former Starbucks barista, Lizzy dreams of becoming a Disney Imagineer, or something similar. Games with deep stories are her bread and butter! In addition to working with the Game Grotto team, she is also working as an intern for Universal Studios. Elizabeth  strives to create video games that encourage creativity and curiosity, her favorite games being Oxenfree, The Wolf Among Us, and all of the Bioshock games.




Welcome to the Game Grotto!

We are Don and Meg, owners of  the American indie game development and publishing company known as Game Grotto Softworks.
We are a husband-and-wife indie game development duo, as well as live streamers on twitch.

Here you can find the indie games developed by Game Grotto Softworks, the history of Game Grotto, and links connecting you to the Game Grotto community.

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