B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends is a twin-stick arcade style action game set in the year 2083. The story follows TOM, a young robot who is thrust into battle when his home is attacked by hoards of mindless robots called G.A.R.D. units. The intruders are searching for a super computer named MOTHER, which is rumored to be hidden somewhere within the mega corporation known as Innovation Robotics. In his desperation to feel ready for an upcoming evaluation TOM is searching for his Mother. Is this MOTHER computer and his own MOTHER one in the same? Does he even have a Mother?


With the help of companions BRI, RED, and STU, TOM and the others must fight back G.A.R.D. and find the location of the MOTHER computer. As the Bots search Innovation Robotics, they encounter and rescue helpful robots called Robofriends. Even though they are not made to battle, the Robofriends rise to action when rescued by the Bots. Robofriends provide unique ways to aid you against the invading enemies. From healing your Bot, to protecting with a bubble shield, or even blasting your enemies with fire!

Fast Paced Arcade Style Gameplay

Play by yourself or with friends, picking from one of four robot characters with unique attributes and attacks. Utilize upgradable abilities in battle for fast paced combat. While playing one of the two game modes you will find and rescue Robofriends, small companion robots with different abilities and attacks. Robofriends provide unique ways to aid you whether you are immersed in story mode or surviving the hoards of arcade mode.

Procedurally Generated Arcade Mode

Complete up to 200 floors of procedurally generated levels with increasing difficulty. Collect Robofriends on each floor and collect upgrade coins, which will make your bot even stronger! Challenge yourself or play with friends - how far can you get?

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